A Catalog is “A book printed and distributed periodically by a department store or mail-order retail company containing pictures and descriptions of merchandise offered for sale, as well as an order form for ordering such merchandise by mail.”

The aim of a catalog is for a range of available goods to be understood as quickly as possible and for it to be appreciated for its design. Thanks to these intrinsic qualities, catalogs are one of the most effective sales tools on the market.

A catalog, like a logo or business card, is a tool used to identify and reinforce brand awareness. Marketing specialists know how much precision is involved in the creation of a catalog and how much a good catalog can make the difference in terms of sales.

It is essential to create a document that is, as much as possible:

  • functional: easy to consult and intuitively designed;
  • appealing: has a good firm cover, high-quality paper, a clear and modern layout, etc.


  • Miki Williams

    Thanks for the heads up and for the awesome pictures. Love your website and wish you good luck!

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      I definitely want one of these. I think your designs are the best for my project

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